Geneva Motor Show - Jaguar XKR now a Supercar?!

Jaguar XKR gets let off the leash

For a longtime now manufacturers have had a gentleman’s agreement to limit their high performance cars to 155mph/250kmh top speeds. This works well for containing the speed-one-upmanship that would otherwise break out between the makes and panders to the pressure to limit Germany’s speed-limit free motorways. But the XKR Jaguar has bees straining at the leash, dying to sprint beyond that artificial limit. Jaguar judge that the XKR, in its latest uprated form, is sufficiently specialist and powerful enough to warrant breaking out of its straight jacket. Indeed, they even refer to it as a supercar. If its new top speed of 174mph takes it into that territory, it had better have brakes and aerodynamics to match it’s new status. Painting the calipers red, and black chroming various addenda is not going to do it, so Jaguar have designed new front air dam/splitters and rear spoiler to keep it stable at high speed and fitted 20 inch rims. Let’s hope that the engine tweaks introduced to suit the new top speed haven’t affected lower speed tractability and usability. Although with 510PS and 625Nm of torque available we think that’s unlikely!

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