Geneva Motor Show - Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo displays its new Giulietta at Geneva Show

Like the Honda CR-Z, we were itching to see this car in the flesh too. Once we’d waited for the flesh ( actually leggy models precariously robed in black ) to close the doors and move around to the other side we got a clear view of this new Giulietta’s flank. Frankly, the show’s downlighter spots weren’t flattering the cars, especially the red ones on grey flooring. The white Quadrifoglio Verde ( Green Cloverleaf) however, worked better as it was picking up light from the metallic turntable it rotated on. Hard midday sun is a difficult circumstance to photograph cars in, and the stand’s designer effectively reproduced these conditions. They could learn a lesson or two from the Peugeot stand, where the soft overhead light panel would flatter even the ugliest of cars. Note to Manufacturers: get a car photographer as lighting consultant when designing your show stands! Back on subject – The 235 HP Giulietta 1750 TBi Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) pictured here did win us over, and if this is the replacement for the 147, then bring it on fast, as although a 4 door hatch, with concealed rear door catches,it is well proportioned, elegant and horny with the optional 18 inch alloys. Alfa have deftly contrived a family face based on it’s heritage without looking corny or retro. This all started with the absolutely gorgeous 8C Competizione, and significantly, came off with the Mito (tricky with a tall narrow shell), and is maturing here in the Giulietta. Inside there’s less to be excited about, but it all looks neat and functional, although everyday use is the only proper test of an interior’s worth.

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