Auto Regalia USB Mini & Lamborghini Murcielago

We pit Lambo’s Murcielago against Mini Cooper in this USB giant test!

After reading our Motormouse review back last autumn, motor gizmo specialist Auto Regalia were keen for us to try other products. “How about a review of a USB stick” they asked? Seriously underwhelmed by the prospect – I mean, a stick is a stick, it’s just that some are made larger than others, right? “Hey, these ones are die-cast metal, beautifully detailed miniatures” they retorted. “We can even supply them in yellow!” Well that clinched it, and behold, we have a brace of “HotWheels” with capacities only juggernauts could muster to play with (4 GB in this case ).

Auto Regalia USB Mini Cooper - wheels turn

Whipped out of their packaging, the weight and solidity of the castings were immediately apparent. No flimsy, snap-fit-plastic, 5-second wonder, but finely detailed models of the real thing. Even the Mini’s taillight cluster surrounds are chrome painted. Put the two models together and the major difference is the huge rear protuberance on the 1:72 scale Lambo; like someone bolted a fridge on the back. Unlike the Mini, the USB connector is not retractable and ruins the lines of the car’s backend. Underneath the Mini a press-and-slide catch neatly stows the USB connector when not in use.

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