HiFi-Filter Megane Trophy racecar - Driver: Pierre Hirschi

Nurburgring hosts Renault’s Megane Trophy race

The scene is the Nurburgring, weather splendidly sunny, crowds basking in the aura generated by the weekend’s racing. There’s a mini funfair, bars aplenty, Renaults everywhere in all shapes and styles. Classic Renaults bid for attention next to slick single seaters, all powered by the french marque. But we are strangely drawn to the menacing shape of the Megane Coupe racers nosing out of pit the garages.

Pierre Hirschi - cheerful banter with the team

These silhouette, mid-engined monsters race in a one make/model series that’s part of Renault’s World Series. These events are free to the public and consequently well attended. We pick, slightly at random (and guess what, it’s yellow), a Hifi Filters sponsored Megane amongst a trio of Oregon Team prepared cars. Driver Pierre Hirschi speaks broken English which is a start, and perfect Swiss-French which suits us fine. We decide to follow him for the day rather than write a race report about a formula we’ve never witnessed. This genial 50 year old is clearly not out to be the next Schumacher, but enjoy a weekend’s racing. He qualifies as a “Gentleman Racer”, an amateur sub-class of the large field contesting the Megane Trophy Series.

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