2011 Nissan GT-R - includes mystery silver windscreen ?!

Nissan’s GT-R gets some power boosts and tweaks

2011 is only 9 weeks away, which means, in the UK, VAT will increase to 20%. So no doubt Nissan’s marketing team has been working hard to keep their flagship GT-R under the 70,000 UKP price barrier. The 2011 price limbo does at least get you some extra power and features. Engine output soars to 530PS (390KW)/6,400rpm, launch control gets tweaked, body mods up front incorporate LED running lights and aerodynamic slats, but what caught our eyes in the spec is the addition of automatic decoupling of the 4wd system below 6MPH for tight turns. Not a headline feature, but a measure of the fabulous attention to detail Nissan engineers have put into this car. Numerous other mods complete the package: more details below