Mercedes SLS E-Cell

Electric Mercedes SLS scheduled for limited production run

AMG E-Cell badged but originating at Mercedes’ Norwegian establishment, this wunder-electro-monster is set to stun with it’s performance and driveability. Claimed to perform close to the petrol engined version, this day-glow yellow giant has maximum torque on hand from virtually zero revs, guaranteeing a mighty thrust in the back under acceleration. AMG’s engineers have steered closer to Audi’s E-Tron all electric car than BMW’s Vision hybrid concept. Carrying just one power source appeals from a purist’s perspective, but you can hardly avoid noticing that there’s no quoted range in the specs…Just how far can you go drawing 535bhp out of a bunch of Li-Po cells?!

We love the central dash display, losing a ton of knobs and allowing all sorts of context sensitive info to be shown large and legible. You’ll see this trickling down to many cars in the near future. Tesla’s S saloon being the most ambitiously knob-free to come. Horny too is the more aggressive detailing of grille, vents and active front spoiler.

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