Porsche 918 RSR on the menu at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Take a Porsche 918 Spyder, a GT3R Hybrid, a 917 short-tail, a 908 long tail, mix your ingredients in a Stuttgart bowl. measure out 70% Gulf Racing blue and infuse with 30% liquid metal chrome. Pour into a CFRP oven-proof container and bake for 9 months in a moderate autoclave. Carefully place 917 fan into top cover and insert front splitter and RS Spyder racer’s wing, and allow to become cool. Now decorate with orange stripe and “22” to recall racing glories. Voila, a “racing laboratory” and PR exercise neatly baked, with a Michelin 4 rubber ring rating. However, this is an experimental recipe and should be tasted with reserve until a full race version has been prepared to perfection.

1 RS Syder V8 race engine and drive-train (563 bhp – 767 bhp when blended with flywheel)
1 GT3R Flywheel accumulator and electric motors (204 bhp, care, may spin viciously)
1 918 Syder monocoque and body (peel and grate, cover with fold forward doors)
1 917 fan cooling system (boil 40 years to reduce)
1 908 Body styling cues (free lunch)
add a liberal dose of racing heritage
(CGI rendering optional )

Read on for master-chef’s full description and baking tips – a foodie’s feast

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