Winning render by Team Belgium

Results of the Autemo World Champs

Back last January we were intrigued by a very special new service offered by Australia based website . They gather artists from around the globe whose calling in life is to transform ordinary car images into extraordinary renditions. They don’t take prisoners in this game; if you want just a wheel change, they’ll be hankering to do a full body swop. A subtle lip spoiler? Nah, fire breathing tailpipes and outrageous slats, vents, not to mention assault helicopters plus strafing SWAT team, is more their battlefield. This transformation is what they term a “chop”.

Main attraction for the artists is to join like minded people, show off their skills and earn some money in the process. Ultimate ambition, though, is to end up designing cars for manufacturers and body modders. Autemo funnels work to their flock by being the meeting point for industry and artists.

With 1760 artists vying for attention, Autemo organised a world rendering challenge to sort the men from the, errrr, lesser photoshop-men. National pride was at stake too as members were sorted into teams by country. 4 rounds, plus quarter, semis and final would decide which of 35 participating countries prevailed. Judging was ultra democratic, with the entire community eligible to vote for each round.

Worthy winning entries based on Lotus Elise
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