Paris Motor Show 2010 - Audi Quattro Concept

Audi’s Quattro Concept points to future while harking back to the 80’s

Take an RS5, chop 150mm off the wheelbase, lop off surplus overhangs, chuck out the back seats, and send the whole shebang on a high carbon diet and what do you get? Strangely Audi would have you believe a modern iteration of the short wheel base Quattro. Well, a concept anyway. True it sports a 5 cylinder turbo, 4-wheel drive and some styling cues from the boxy 1984 rally homologation special. In truth it’s more of a technical exercise, an engineers’ crash course in losing weight in all areas and pointer to the immediate future. And yet when all the kilos have been shaved from body, chassis, engine and drivetrain this concept weighs the same as the original at 1300 kgs. Luckily it’ all wrapped up in a beautiful body, much prettier than the cut-and-shunt brute of the original and poised as a combustion engine antidote to the electric E-Tron with which it shares the stand.

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