Hasselblad Ferrari digital camera

Ferrari endorse Hasselblad’s top camera

Here at YW we use high end digital cameras every day, so when we saw that iconic Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad had teemed up with supercar uber-builder Ferrari we thought you should know about it. It looks pretty cool in Ferrari red and the brand synergy works for us, but what about the “tifosi”? Would they approve of the prancing horse appearing on a Swedish camera? Ferrari has lent it’s name to many products, with watches, computers, umbrellas and numerous luxury items bearing the Italian motif, but where does it stop? Maybe we shouldn’t analyse this too much and just celebrate that both brands are alive and well and feeding our dreams and aspirations…499 of these limited edition wonders will be up for grabs at a yet undisclosed price. You’ll find collectors queuing up to buy these, but not photographers, as a red camera reflects horribly in objects chucked in front of the lens, especially shiny cars!