Geneva Motor Show - Polo GTi front 3/4 showing new bumper spolier

Volkswagen World Premiere of the Polo GTi

What an easy recipe to follow: recreate the model that single-handedly changed the image of Volkswagen in the early eighties. Except that not all the evolutions were that great (notably the MK3 Golf GTi) as the Golf got bigger, heavier and stodgier as a consequence. So shift down a model to the Polo and you have a chance of recapturing that nimbleness and verve that made the GTi such an icon. We’ll have to wait till the car is on the road to judge the success of this latest iteration, but here are some images to appreciate the potential. The seats inside are clothed in familiar looking GTi check/tartan with red piping and stitching extending to floor mats and gear lever gaiter. You get smallish paddle shifters on the steering wheel to operate the 7 speed DSG gearbox. Supercharger for low rev grunt, superceeded by a turbocharger for the higher revs, means the power surge is available throughout the range. Outside, twin exhaust pipes, red piping on the honeycomb grill, red calipers, and some familiar looking rims complete the package.

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