BMW announce a special track day version of their M3, the GTS

Yesterday Porsche announced the GT2 RS road going racer. The boys down in Munich, answering to the age-old rivalry, are not going to be left out of the equation – so here it is: the BMW M3 GTS, a car equipped for the track day, but with road-legal credentials. Like the Porsche it sheds 70kgs by ditching all sorts of kit, such as the rear side and back windows. You get polycarbonate ones instead. Carbon-reinforced plastic roof and trim help shave the weight too. Like the Porsche you get welcome power-to-weight improvements. The BMW 3.4 kg/bhp, The Porsche 2.2 kg/bhp – that could be quite a clear difference on the track! Off the track the difference will no doubt swing the other way as the GT2 RS will cost 235,000 Euros in Germany. BMW haven’t revealed the price yet, but it’s likely to be significantly less – possibly in proportion to the difference in P2WRatio? Ummh, maybe not. The BMW’s price will include six-point racing harnesses and fire extinguisher though. Both have roll cages as standard. All in all a nice piece of kit to drive to the track, scare your passenger and look the part in the process. Only thing is; they are all going to be orange – hey, what’s wrong with yellow, it’s only a couple shades away on the colour pallets?! Read on for specs.