Porsche Cayman R lands on LA Auto Show docks

It’s the Cayman’s turn to get the “R” treatment

Great to see Porsche inject a little ooomph into their Cayman. It’s been quite a while since it’s been in the news. Porsche have had their hands full launching Panarmeras, Cayennes, Speedsters, racers, hybrids, concepts and a zillion 911 variations. In the meantime the unassuming but highly desirable Cayman has been consistently winning sportscar driving comparisons. It’s carved out a cosy niche below the 911 while delivering sheer driving pleasure derived from its superior drivetrain layout and practical hatch bodyform. Now don’t get too excited though, as there’s only a modest 10 bhp power output boost at a heady 7,200 rpm over the Cayman S, but the real news is the 55 kgs shaved off the car’s kerb weight. That’s equivalent to ejecting a lightish adult and bumps up the power to weight ratio to a useful 250 bhp/tonne. It also makes it 75 kgs lighter than Porsche’s über-car-of-the-moment the GT2 RS. Naturally for an “R” iteration there’s stiffer suspension and more of a trackday handling setup, just don’t go looking for the ICE and aircon as there ‘aint none…

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