DrivenData iPhone App v1.0

iPhone app keeps all UK car data at your fingertips

Want up to date data for all new cars currently on sale in the UK? This new app from DrivenData Ltd might be just up your street. A great resource for us at YW, it is bound to satisfy the geek in you! Press the big red START button, which gives you a cute blip of supercar engine (we’re guessing it’s a Ferrari of some sort, certainly a V8 – can you correct us here?!) and cruise to the car of your choice. You are greeted with easy intuitive navigation and a few photos of each car, clearly plundered from each manufacturer’s press service, along with current price and spec. Actually DrivenData has 300,000 up-to-date facts across 80 technical and specification categories, including: price, engine size, fuel consumption, maximum speed and CO2 emissions, which makes for great browsing. The best part is that the data is updated every month, and all part of the initial 2.39 UKPounds download price.

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