blasting through the Urnerboden basin in Ferrari 599GTB

Fancy zapping a few Swiss mountain passes in a Ferrari ? That’s what we did. This is the time of year when winter is wearing thin and you hanker for warmer climes and summer adventures. Planning your annual summer holiday is fun and a sure fire way to lose the winter blues, but it’s months away…. How about a short break, a fillip of sustenance for the soul. Why not take a driving mini-tour in Switzerland, touring the soaring Alpine peaks and passes. Need transport to match the mountainous magnificence: a Porsche 911 Turbo or Cayenne, a Ferrari F430 or F599GTB, Maserati GT? But where to hire? What about insurance? Where to stay? It’s no problem organising all this yourself online, but think about this: you could easily spend as long surfing, checking airlines, filling in forms, researching routes as your actual short break. This is where Ultimate Drives steps in with prepared itineraries including choice of car to match your budget, routes pre-programmed into your satnav, hotels vetted and booked.

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