Is it a bird, is it a plane? no it's Adam Lyal (deceased) and his JCB

Is it a bird, is it a plane? no it's Adam Lyal (deceased) and his JCB

In YW’s bizarrest story yet, we bring you a Halloween Special story in three episodes:

What do you get if you mix a JCB, a monk, and a vampire? Answer: an hour’s worth of 4th Plinth material. We think an explanation is in order…

See: Episode 2 , Episode 3
Location: Trafalgar Square London, UK
Date: 21st August 2009, 9am
Problem: Three of four plinths in Trafalgar Square have large statues devoted to the great and good of Britain’s past. The fourth has always been empty.
Solution: Artist Anthony Gormely dreams up the idea of letting anyone fill the vacant spot for an hour. One hundred days long, this experiment in free expression, means 2400 people get to expose their talents (and some exposed more than the organisers bargained for!), and they can do almost anything.

Places were allocated by a lottery to online registered visitors to the website. Given the popularity of the event, there was only a one in twelve chance of being selected. Our friends at were drawn, and partly because Yellowwheels wasn’t, but mostly because the whole idea is totally barmey, we offered to chauffeur our ghostly ghouls to the Square, for their 60 minutes of fame.

We chauffeured them in our stately yellowmobile from Paddington station to the Trafalgar Hotel for a breakfast bite. If you think it’s a bit bright outside for a vampire, let us explain that this is Adam Lyal (deceased) and not some fanged Transylvanian. Highwayman Adam Lyal terrified the Scottish suburbs many moons ago, relieving traveling folk of their trinkets, and leaving them a bit frazzled, or even plain dead.

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