Geneva Motor Show - Hispano Suiza Granturismo elegant profile

Hispano Suiza come back from the grave to give us the new Granturismo

Based in Inglostadt, Germany and funded by a wealthy Spaniard from Barcelona, the Hispano Suiza brand makes a comeback…..again. We say again, as there was a stillborn attempt a few years ago, where the only tangible product was a show car. So here we are again, but with an entirely new setup and backers. Our guide around the show car assures us that this one is a runner and about to undergo testing before production versions hit the streets in the autumn. They will have to prove that convincingly before anyone takes them seriously despite the impressive lineup of experienced designers and marketeers.

Geneva Motor Show - Hispano Suiza how they use to look

As for the car, it pretty much follows every other recent supercar upstart, by having a stratospheric price tag and performance to match. However, they have forged a distinctive styling path that will polarize opinions. The side profile works well with elegant window line, chrome faced air intakes, and pleasing, crisp, high waistline. Rear is neat and uncontroversial, but the nose is a love it / hate it pointed shark shaped beak, which would look more comfortable on a powerboat. The new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera carries off the arrow shaped nose a bit more convincingly. We’ll list the specs and hybrid options below but warn you first, that the normal cooking version ( if you can call a 205mph 330km/h car cooking ) costs a staggering €700,000. In the past Hispano Suizas were equally opulent, outrageous behemoths: the preserves of film stars, maharajahs and dictators so the price point was always breathtaking.

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