What do you get if you mix a cricketer, a kart track, and a litre of petrol?

We thought we’d send our learned correspondent to find out. Timtim knows enough about cricket to fill a postage stamp – ideal we think so he’ll pay attention to the technicalities of brewing jungle juice and not sink to his knees in front of sporting gods!

Timtim: I’m off to Sandown Park in the outer reaches of the Greater London metropolis. My mission to bring you the secrets of saving fuel with Shell’s new 95 octane miser “FuelSave”. The answer my friends is not letting your car be blown by the wind but to fuel up and drive. Simplistic? Yes! Disappointing answer? It’s just that there’s not much to swallow. Your car will experience reduced piston friction, cleaner valves and detonate it’s fuel-air mixture a nanosecond earlier. Shell say you’ll save a litre per tankful which sounds more impressive than  “save 1/60th of your consumption” or “1.66666666667% more fuel efficient” (if your typical car holds 60 litres). But before you all nod off, Shell have wheeled in cricket superstar Freddie Flintoff to bat for them. Come on Freddie your challenge starts now. Watch the video for the answer to life, the universe and saving the princely price of a couple of pints of milk…Oh, and there’s an official site where you can take the Flintoff challenge