Richard Bremner discusses the merits of Fords Econetic Fiesta versus other forms of ecocars. Are you better off with a really efficient conventional engine, a hybrid or a pure electric car?


Yellowwheels is a broad church. To feature here, a vehicle doesn’t have to have supercar, hot hatch or racing credentials (nor always be yellow!) but has to excite, intrigue or fascinate . The current wealth of new eco cars from startup, as well as traditional manufacturers is fascinating, but with all the hype, are they really what you or I will buy?

We invited internationally renowned motoring journalist Richard Bremner to give his views. He is co-founder/owner of and is running a special eco version of Ford’s highly regarded Fiesta, the ECOnetic, as a long term test.

Richard Bremner at the wheel of Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

Richard Bremner at the wheel of Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

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Tell us about the merit of this car versus other eco cars

Are cars such as this Ford really helping reduce CO2 ?

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