Mercedes C220 C-Class - 4000 miles around UK

YW lives with a C class Merc – is this all the car you ever need?

4000 miles in any car should be enough to get over the initial excitement of its arrival, find little niggles, foibles or failings, even grow to loath the beast. Or conversely, learn to love, find unexpected features, flashes of brilliance. Will impressions change over time? In our case, a month at the wheel of a Mercedes C Class proved to be equally enjoyable throughout.

Mercedes C220 CDi - scampers through arching Devon lanes

Delivered in Sport trim, this CDi version had an appealing stance, shod with wide rubber on AMG 17 inch rims and subtle cosmetic appendages. Mild disappointment followed when learning that our mount was the 220 diesel version. This is not the lowest engine in the pecking order ( there’s a 200 ) but is overshadowed by 250 and 350 versions with commensurate power and performance advantages. Our time with the Merc took us from cloudiest Cornwall, through deepest Devon, sunniest Somerset…I think you get the idea. All the way to naughty Northumberland and a million other places en route.

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