Cruden Hexatech Simulator at Autosport Racing Car Show

Think six axis simulator, and your brain automatically imagines a budget only NASA would contemplate. Think racing car sim, and you’d guess this is the domain of upper echelon Formula 1 teams. But here we are strapped into a full motion rig with three giant screens and a spec to match; yours for 150,000 Euros. This the price of a supercar rather than space rocket, and well within the range of rich car nuts with suitably large garages! So what do you get for your money? Cruden, the manufacturers of this fourth generation Hexatech 3CTR, their first three seater jiggler in Europe, give you a full hydraulic virtual vehicle, kitted out with all the latest force-feedback sensors and actuators. Not only does the steering wheel transmit turning torque back to your hands, but pedals are equipped too, not to mention the racing harness which tightens under load. All is calculated to give you the nearest, most realistic driving or racing experience.