We heard, via Twitter, about a website that totally transforms your car for just a few dollars. Intrigued as our house mascot Golf GTi was just about to go to the bodyshop to get a couple of panels repaired and a new lick of yellow paint. How could they do it for the money?

We delved deeper to see how it could be possible. Autemo.com is the site, beautifully laid out yet functional, it’s mission to virtually transform cars. No sheet metal gets cut, no bodykit riveted, no trick paint spayed; it’s all done in Photoshop. Fancy turning that rusty old Nissan into a Tokyo drift dreamcar? That cooking Chevy into chopped chariot? Test drive the mods you are planning for your ride before committing to the bodyshop. When your pimpmobile hits the spot you can convert your car for real reassured your facelift will be more super-car than super-shed.

Go to Autemo, read the intro, take the tour and decide what sort of look you are aiming for. Then simply upload a photo, select an artist, and commit a derisory AUD $30-$90 to get the car of your dreams. You get to watch progress as the artist uploads WIPs (Work In Progress) photos, and you can comment and request changes. It’s a virtual chop but with real interaction with the artist.