Geneva Motor Show - Bertone Pandion Concept car

Bertone Pandion Concept docks in Geneva Show space-station

100 years of Alfa’s would be good cause for celebration, so Italian design house Bertone decided to mark the occasion by taking the mechanicals of an Alfa Romeo 8C and plonking a body from the planet Zorg onto it’s chassis. Zorg is a place where strange creatures fused from old-tech and future-bio wander fearfully. Plant like into-skeletal structures weave a protective internal cage while external clam shells protect space warriors from the rain of carbon shard, mini-meteorites in the scorching acid atmosphere. A white organic mesh encapsulates the Avatar-style seating and contrasts with the sharp menacing detailing of the wheels and rear thrusters.

Geneva Motor Show - Bertone Pandion Concept car, Kryptonite rear lights

Tail lights sit like pools of Kryptonite amongst the comet shards, warning of the radioactive plasma buried deep in the drive reactors. A zorgian pulse, and the front wing, no wait, the entire side of the spacecruiser swings up, hinged around the centreline of the rear wheels to reveal the inner working and allow the exit of fleet-commander Zelda-Zorg from her lattice-nest command post. Better not mess with this 7ft be-winged beauty, looks like those leg sabres will knock us back through hyperspace!

Geneva Motor Show - Bertone Pandion Concept car, lattice-nest bio structures

Stop! Enough sci-techno-fi-analogy-babble ! Basically, think Tupperware car crashes in slate quarry in a stylistic way, and you are somewhere near the mix of sharp, smooth and organic materials and concept that the new design director at Bertone Mike Robinson, has in mind. Whether you think they’ve pulled it off or not, you can’t deny it’s drawn your attention, and that is after all the purpose of a show/concept car, although in the real world, an Alfa 8C is desirable enough a prospect, to not bother traveling to the planet Zorg.

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