Radical Popemobile hits the streets

YW kits out the Pope with some speedy transport

Trundling around at walking pace in an 8 year old 4×4 – that’s no way for a modern Pope to show his credentials, spread the word and cover some ground. We thought we’d equip him with some serious wheels for his UK visit. I mean, Edinburgh to London at 4mph? Nah, we can get him down from the dizzy heights of Scotland to the low life of London in a gnat’s whisker with our seat-of-your-pope-mobile. Think supercar meets garden shed and you have some idea of the direction we’re taking. Construction was well underway last year, but some awkward homologation issues delayed deployment. The Vatican has very precise requirements for their numero uno. The result is concocted from existing machinery to minimise scrutineering hiccups, and combines the sci-fi dynamics of 200mph+ projectiles with the class of retro supercars. Batman: eat your heart out, Robin donate your cape.