Geneva Motor Show 2010 - New Koenigsegg Agera supercar front

Koenigsegg took the opportunity of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show to launch their new Agera supercar

Koenigsegg’s CC’s have a fantastic record in trumping other manufacturers’ when it comes to performance. So the world better take note when they launch a new model. Agera is it’s name, and Christian Koenigsegg is gonna make damn sure it stays at the top. To that end, there are a whole host of incremental upgrades, and a fresh look for the now, 15 year old design it’s based on. How about 910 bhp to start with? Thumping torque? Byzantine braking? All that, with the almost unique ability to detach the roof panel; so no need to make that agonizing decision to go for soft or hard top. Inside, the model gains new instrument lighting, multi functional screen, and strangely cuddly-IKEA-like dashboard materials and colours. Outside it gains the now mandatory daytime LED running lights, new rear LED tail-lights, reprofiled exhaust outlet, additional front venting ducts, “gills” just aft of the front wheels. In sum an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary design or what mainstream manufacturers would call a mid-cycle makeover rather than a ground-up redesign. There were quite a few more outlandishly styled cars at the Geneva show, but the Agera keeps Koenigsegg’s neat, but assertive house stance: more Arnold Schwartzenegger in a sharp suit, than Claude Van Damme in beachwear!

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