MINI Scooter E Concept

Mini goes halves by showing electric scooter concept

Mini’s have a strong personality and following – the envy of most manufacturers. Now they are tempting the two wheeled brigade to come over to the brand by dishing out some radical wheels in scooter form. These are billed as “Concepts”, served up in various flavours, looking like ice cream tubbed up in chrome bowls sunk into a glitzy counter. Lemon and lime, pistachio and mint, vanilla with raspberry twist anyone? Scooters don’t come any fancier than this, but you’ll need a smattering of AC power to keep these slush puppies on the road.

MINI Scooter E Concept + iPhone dock

Electric scooters have been around for yonks; remember the “All Electric Winnie” from the ’70s? but the arrival of Li-ion battery technology changes the weight/performance balance. Talking of balance, there’s no word of how many greenbacks you’ll have to throw BMW’s way yet, as this scooter is pitched as a concept only. Adrian van Hooydonk, Mini’s design director, has made sure the Mini’s derivation is clear by borrowing instrument binnacle, headlight and wing mirror shapes. Not so Mini yet is the ignition key. It lacks one altogether and harnesses the processing power of your favourite mobile phone, or as we all know them: iPhone, to check ownership and double up as a social-media tool. Find friendly (or not) co-owners by being steered towards them by GPS technology! It makes perfect sense, so come on Mini, let’s hear you say production is imminent…

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