The Racing Bug circuit ready for the race start

YW gets the Racing Bug at MPH Show

Heading out to the MPH show in Birmingham this month ? YW says search out the Racing Bug stand for a little bit of racing fun ( Stand MP46A ). Remember your Scalextric set ? Fun, but with only two lanes and a fixed track, there’s only so much skill involved: sort your throttle action and the rest is easy. Remember your first radio controlled car ? You could go in any direction, only you never had the discipline to stick to a predefined course. The Racing Bug has the best features of both combined with straight-forward controls. A fixed, very clear track, steering wheel and pedals to control your car, and the excitement of racing eleven other hopefuls leads to a sensational experience. With a little practice you can transport your mind to the miniature Ferrari that bears your number and experience the adrenaline of racing with zero risk to life and limb.