Vauxhall VRX8 - yellow and horny!

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Thinking of beatling down to the land of OZ to sample GM’s latest fire-breathing V8 monster? No need, as Vauxhall have sailed their yellow submarine across the sea to these hallowed shores. Sporting gills of gargantuan proportions and LED crested slats up front, Vauxhall call the black grille a “Shockwave”. We’re not sure what the rear black paneling below the “Superflow” spoiler is called, surf-wave? Once you’ve wrenched your eyes off the Hot Wheels rims you might want to peek inside for some visual relief.

Step down the conning tower into the sub’s command centre, where there’s plenty of space to have all your friends on board, and it’s all military black and grey with sonar dash display, and hang on – a trio of supplementary analogue instruments – depth gauge, oxygen mix and dive angle no doubt. Better hand you over to Vauxhall’s spec sheet before this submariner’s analogy sinks…Full speed ahead Mr Parker.

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