Porsche 911 with Aerokit Cup package fitted

Look hunky with Porsche’s Official Aerokit Cup bodykit

You know when you were young and got your first car? Your immediate hankering was for something faster and hornier than your insurance bill would permit. So instead you fitted your puny-mobile with wide arches, hunky tyres and spoilers. This turned your bland-mobile into a shed, that you’d look back at with nostalgia but acute embarrassment later in life. Now, you’re a mature 30 or 40 something adult, you own a tasty sportscar but remember the fun of modding your motor. Now is the time to take your Porsche 911 back to the dealer to have Porsche’s new Aerokit Cup package retrofitted so that you’ll look the part turning up in the race paddock.

Porsche have released a body kit to make your 911 look like the racers that compete in the Mobil 1 Supercup. This translates to new front chin spoiler and rear fixed wing. You also have the option of fitting paddle shifts a-la-911-Turbo. But to take you back to the 60’s – 70’s …. you can also get a five-spoke retro alloy. All this is ludicrously expensive of course, but hey, you knew that already when the words Official Porsche were uttered. You could “save” money by ordering your 911 with these mods factory fitted too.

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