A day in the life of a car photographer at an international motorshow

Tim Andrew in action in Giugiaro Brivido Concept car

Ever wondered what happens on a Motor Show press day? The doors open at 7:30am in Geneva – better have your press pass in your hands, or get ready for a long queue. After a 10 minute walk and 25 minute bendy-bus ride from downtown Geneva, photographer Tim Andrew presented his pass and sailed through the turnstyle. First stop was the press room to nab a table, and more importantly, an ethernet cable to upload photos to the client’s server. Excess gear dumped, lightweight necessities grabbed, it was off at a trot to bag the first important “reveal”.

Bendy-bus to the airport after the show

The car manufacturers unveil their cars at 15 minute intervals, so unless you have a team of snappers and journos, it’s impossible to cover them all live. In any case, as a photographer, it’s best to have left the video crews catch the excitement of the covers been whipped off the “world Premieres” and turn up 20 minutes later once the scramble has subsided.
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