2011 Geneva Motor Show - Porsche 918 RSR

Up close with Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid

A year ago Porsche’s 918 surprise at the Geneva Motor Show blew us away. Looking small and dainty but extraordinarily desirable it was pitched as a Carrera GT replacement. Yet it didn’t quite have the commanding presence of the GT, even if it’s spec and integration of hybrid technology made it worthy. If it’s 7:30min Nürburgring lap time is anything to go on, then it certainly qualified on speed and agility. Something about the folded paper look, lack of roof and delicate detailing of the show car made us want to put some horny rims on, install a loud exhaust and wake up the neighbours.

Geneva Motor Show 2011 - Porsche 918 RSR - embroidered seat and electro fill cap

Now exhibited in racing trim at the 2011 Geneva Show, that desire is mostly answered. the fixed roof, arch-filling racing slicks, additional carbon aerodynamic aids and orange “racing” decals vaguely recalling Gulf Oil sponsorship of the past, give it a butchness it was otherwise lacking. If Batman turned up in this beast, Gotham City would stand back and know what was coming. If Batman had turned up in the 918 “prototype”, he’d have Robin mince out slyly, while he conducted proceedings from his iPad3.

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