coffee on the go in yer JCB

How about a digger that makes the tea? JCB do one!

When we featured a JCB loader to ferry a crazy guy around Trafalgar Square last year, we thought to ourselves “what’s really missing is some in flight coffee.” Well, not really…But, lo and behold, JCB must have been listening and have spawned the world’s first digger with an on board coffee maker. Spooky timing, as we’ve just kitted out the YW office with a Nespresso machine. We’re not up to speed with how JCB’s machine works, but it produces hot water and presumably sports some kind of filter arrangement for the coffee brewing. If your tipple is tea then just use the hot water and a good old bag of burnt leaves.

JCB's hot brewer

This has us wondering why loads of cars have cooled gloveboxes or even mini fridges built in, yet none of them, as far as we know, have a hot drinks maker? You have to struggle with a nasty aftermarket device plugged into your power outlet if you want to brew up. So here’s the challenge to the car maker’s of the world: follow JCB’s lead or be left for dead in the dirt.

Better wait till you've dumped that dirt before brewing up

Update from JCB: The machine boils hot water but there is also the option to place the coffee/ teabag into a filter in the machine so that the water is forced through to ‘brew’ the drink. The capacity is about half a pint. The fitting of the hot water boiler costs £150 but it has to be specified at the time of order as the machine will be built with this option. It cannot be retrofitted.

Here’s a JCB produced PR video if you have a thirst for it.

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