MINI Scooter E Concept

Mini goes halves by showing electric scooter concept

Mini’s have a strong personality and following – the envy of most manufacturers. Now they are tempting the two wheeled brigade to come over to the brand by dishing out some radical wheels in scooter form. These are billed as “Concepts”, served up in various flavours, looking like ice cream tubbed up in chrome bowls sunk into a glitzy counter. Lemon and lime, pistachio and mint, vanilla with raspberry twist anyone? Scooters don’t come any fancier than this, but you’ll need a smattering of AC power to keep these slush puppies on the road.

MINI Scooter E Concept + iPhone dock

Electric scooters have been around for yonks; remember the “All Electric Winnie” from the ’70s? but the arrival of Li-ion battery technology changes the weight/performance balance. Talking of balance, there’s no word of how many greenbacks you’ll have to throw BMW’s way yet, as this scooter is pitched as a concept only. Adrian van Hooydonk, Mini’s design director, has made sure the Mini’s derivation is clear by borrowing instrument binnacle, headlight and wing mirror shapes. Not so Mini yet is the ignition key. It lacks one altogether and harnesses the processing power of your favourite mobile phone, or as we all know them: iPhone, to check ownership and double up as a social-media tool. Find friendly (or not) co-owners by being steered towards them by GPS technology! It makes perfect sense, so come on Mini, let’s hear you say production is imminent…

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MINI Scooter E Concept variants

From Mini:
Agyness Deyn unveils MINI Scooter E Concept in London for Global Premiere

London, UK: Iconic British brand MINI unveils its exciting MINI Scooter E Concept today in London.   This new design study represents the MINI design team’s unparalleled expertise in recognising the challenges for mobility in major urban areas, and meeting these challenges with the development of stylish, innovative and sustainable future-focused vehicle concepts. The MINI Scooter E Concept comes almost ten years to the day since the new MINI was first shown at the Paris Motor Show. 

Agyness Deyn, model and icon of British fashion and design culture is in the Capital to help debut the MINI Scooter E Concept.  She will celebrate the global premiere with an exclusive DJ set at an undisclosed London location this evening.
There are a total of three interpretations of the MINI Scooter E Concept conceived by Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design: two of which will be shown at the Paris Motor Show next week, while the third concept, inspired by the swinging sixties, the hey day of classic Mini is being shown exclusively in London.

Three MINI Scooter E Concepts
It’s not just a two-wheeler in MINI Design – this scooter meets the needs of the young urban generation: Spontaneous, flexible, CO2-free mobility. Using a smart phone as the ignition key, the concept integrates infotainment, communication and navigation systems.  The MINI Scooter E Concept is powered by an electric motor which can be recharged at any conventional power socket using an on-board charging cable.

Says Adrian van Hooydonk:
“The MINI Scooter E Concept represents an electric vision of the future as urban mobility takes a new direction by MINI.  We are delighted to debut during the London Design Festival and pay homage to our British heritage while also marking a new era for MINI.   The MINI Scooter E Concept is true to our brand values of distinctive design, intelligent functionality and customisation and builds further on these characteristics by combining driving pleasure with sustainable technology into the first  two-wheel concept of its kind for MINI.” The new scooter design concept is based on current production vehicles but pushes the creative boundaries. Just as the compact design of the classic MINI, born out of the 1950s oil crisis,  symbolised a new reality for modern city driving, the MINI Scooter E Concept is designed for the changing landscape in environmental and urban road traffic conditions, to offer a stylish and emission-free alternative for urban mobility.  Set to appeal to a young, ecologically-conscious driver, the MINI E Scooter Concept offers a completely new perspective on the distinctive MINI driving experience while being immediately recognisable as a MINI.

No stranger to two-wheel riding herself, Agness Deyn says of the new MINI Scooter E Concept: “Living a city life, it is important to get around quickly. I was thrilled to hear that MINI is developing an environmentally-friendly scooter, their reputation in cool design is well-known – I can’t wait to try driving one!” Unmistakably MINI: an authentic reinterpretation of unique details in three design versions. Distinctive features include the circular central instrument cluster, the iconic speedometer, the visually prominent indicator lamps in the style of the classic MINI and the chrome trims on the bodywork.  In addition the colours and materials all serve as identifiers, making the MINI Scooter E Concept recognisably a MINI at first sight. The design concepts differ in the number of passengers they carry. 

The first MINI Scooter E Concept is a two-seater variant developed for ‘the fun of driving for two’.  It mirrors the colour scheme of the current MINI E hatch prototype, 40 of which are currently on trial on UK roads – with body paintwork in matt charcoal, a yellow seat and yellow-painted mirror caps – and emphasizes the particularly intense aspect of zero-emission driving.

The second concept is a single-seater and the sportiest of the new concepts.  Almost purist in design, this model nods to the British heritage of the brand.  Features include a classic combination of an upholstered seat in dark brown leather, paintwork in British Racing Green and silver mirror caps reminiscent of iconic racing cars. 

The third and more design-progressive model – being shown exclusively in London – takes inspiration from the popular culture of the 1960s, a decade synonymous with the classic Mini, drawing on the distinctive graphics of the Mod era in particular.  The white body colour on this two-seater variant is decorated with numerous applications and stickers, with the left hand mirror cap featuring a MINI logo and the right hand one featuring the red, white and blue cockade of the Royal Air Force.  The piece de resistance is a perforated leather seat through which the Union Jack shines.

The Specials:
Smartphone as key, display and central control element.
A snap-in adaptor for a Smartphone allows the driver to use their mobile device as a route finder, music player or as a phone via a wireless Bluetooth interface from the MINI ‘cockpit’. As soon as the rider docks his mobile phone and switches it on, the vehicle is ready to go.  A navigation app enables drivers to know where other MINI E Scooter E Concept drivers are on the map, similar to social networking systems, to encourage interaction between the MINI E Scooter community.  Technology currently in development will mean headlights on the scooters automatically open when they meet on the road. 

MINI Scooter E Concept - electric lead

All you need is a power socket
The MINI Scooter E Concept is driven by a built-in rear wheel electric motor which is powered by a compact lithium-ion battery.  The battery can be plugged into any standard AC power outlet.  A display screen clearly indicates to the driver the amount of battery life available: the MINI Scooter E Concept can be charged via a retractable lead in the rear of the Scooter.

MINI Centre Rail – the unique solution with specific accessories.
The study also incorporates an innovative version of the MINI Centre Rail first presented earlier this year in the new MINI Countryman. The unique clip-on mechanism offers a range of options for transporting items that may required before, during or after the journey, for example a helmet, umbrellas, sunglasses and thermos flasks. With all the fun, sporty design principles and agile handling typical of MINI, the MINI Scooter E Concept is easy to operate and perfect for the challenging traffic conditions of the city.  It is a sustainable and fun way to enjoy the MINI driving experience and epitomises urban mobility at its best.

MINI Scooter E Concept

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