Artist Tim Layzell with his highly stylised car scenes

YW interviews artist Tim Layzell at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Meet top notch artist Tim Layzell, a star in the automotive art world. He has been featured extensively in the magazines and papers, and so we, here at YW thought he could do with a bit of web exposure for good measure.

The Mountaineers ©Tim Layzell

It was while wandering through the numerous trade stands at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed that we stopped dead in our tracks, in awe of the gripping images hung on Tim’s stand. A fleeting memory of having seen Tim’s work on an Octane Mag cover and maybe also a poster or two, had garnered a Pavlovian reaction in the mind. So this is the guy responsible for the striking pop-artesque 60’s racing designs that are so distinctive and recognisable. Think, detail and accuracy of a Tintin illustration meets punch of a Hockney pop-art painting and you understand the depth of talent and mastery of style and perspective that this artist wields, making his images utterly compelling. Swivel round and you are presented with Tim’s, photorealistic, fantastically detailed second style; an enduring mix of flair, accuracy and emotion – this guy’s got talent!

Tell us about yourself Tim:
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Tim Layzell plus Dad at Goodwood stand

Glancing around the stand, literally dazzled by the work, we spot the artist – appropriately aged to have lived through the scenes of his works. He is talking to prospects, and we approach to listen in. But wait: it turns out this is Tim’s dad discussing vintage racing and painting. A gaggle of enthusiasts are hanging on to every word. Tim’s parents are here bubbling with pride and helping keep the show on the road. Tim, a young chap in blue check shirt, mildy quiffed hair and 16:9HD tortoise shell glasses stands purposefully nearby. Spookily he looks a bit like artist Ian Cook that we featured last year, but with rather less paint scattered all over his clothing! No sign of radio-controlled cars or brummy accent here either.

Moss the Magnificent ©Tim Layzell

Tim explains his attachment to vintage racing and the family love affair with classic cars. Brought up amongst hillclimbing parents, the smells and sounds of Prescott, Shelsey Walsh etc are deeply embedded in his soul, allowing the emotion of historic racing to filter through to his painting. Clearly he developed a keen eye for the lines and reflections of motor cars early on, as he won the British Racing Driver’s Club’s prestigious Young Motoring Artist Award aged only 13! With a long life ahead of him, we can expect to be entertained and awed for many years. It will also be interesting to see which way his multiple styles develop – and we haven’t even mentioned the landscapes yet….

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Whizz over to Tim’s website, and be prepared to be smitten

Mexican Storm by Tim Layzell

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