YikeBike - folded and ready to go

YW test drives the latest electric bike invented by YikeBike

Top gadget or serious last mile commuter electro-cycle? The bulky Segway really put a firecraker in the staid environs of the PMD or Personal Mobile Device. Their electric twin wheeled lean-mobiles are a triumph of lateral thinking made possible by the availability of new battery technology and gyroscopes. Their success spurned inventors to create other revolutionary devices and for the results to be taken seriously by investor and public alike. Electric longboards, trikes and trad-bikes in all shapes have appeared. Most striking one of these was on display and available for test drives at the recent Gadget Show Live exhibition: the YikeBike. Kiwi inventor and entrepreneur Grant Ryan and YikeBike co-founder Peter Higgins flew in with their team all the way from Canterbury New Zealand to show their carbon fibre YikeBike to press and public.

Unable to resist making a fool of himself our valiant scribbler Timtim queued up for a few tentative laps of the test area. Over to you Timtim.

Safety gear donned and disclaimer signed I approached the YikeBike a trifle nervously. I’d just watched a demo of how the “bike” folded from adult sized electro-penny-farthing-for-the-23rd-century to briefcase-sized-carbon-centrifuge with the flick of a few catches and levers. I’d also sampled the minuscule weight. Would 10kgs of carbon and li-po battery form a stable platform from which to navigate the urban roads it’s designed to handle? That’s the weight of a normal bicycle without battery, electric motor, control box, front and backlights, indicators!

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