Aston Martin Cygnet qualifies for new safety incentives - yellow high-viz clothing not mandatory

End of car scrapage scheme alleviated by new government incentive drive

A new government measure to ease the transition from the end of the UK car scrapage scheme has been announced. Secretary of Transport Lord Edonis: “Starting from today all cars delivered with yellow paint schemes will benefit from a 8.75% reduction in car tax. This YCSS initiative should go some way to easing the pain of scrapage incentive termination.” Bright paintwork saves lives is the message the minister wants to convey. In fact, supported by euro NCAP safety statistics, you are 32.7% less likely to be involved in a traffic incident if driving a yellow car. Visibility is the key here, and just like the massive reduction in cycling incidents since the widespread wearing of yellow high-viz jackets, we are expecting a significant shift in vehicle mishaps.

Ferrari F430 16M - qualifies for 8.75% relief - Swiss would add side reflective stripes

We asked Professor Short of the Zurich institute of passive technology for his views: “it’s an elf and safety issue. As you know here in Switzerland we banned all motorsport because of its danger and we plan to introduce a similar scheme to your innovative YCSS, but with the addition of reflective side stripes. Many junction incidents could be avoided. It could be as big a safety improvement as the adoption of daylight running lights or high-viz jackets on building sites.”

Ferrari anticipated the move back last year with the launch of the striped yellow Ferrari F430 16M, but need to add side reflective stripes to meet forthcoming Swiss legislation. Lamborghini reacted with the Gallardo Balboni with white stripes, but didn’t foresee the reflective requirement. What do you visitors make of this legislation? Leave your comments

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