Geneva Motor Show - Peugeot SR1 Concept bike

Is this the shape of cycling to come?

We’ve never featured a bike, here on YW, but there’s always a first time. And this bike caught our attention because of the prominence it was given on the Peugeot stand at the Geneva Show. It stood proudly next to Peugeot’s SR1 concept car, almost eclipsing it. Sculptural purity should be celebrated, whether functional or not, and this techno-cycle had shed loads of it. Shame that the spoke-less, hub-less rim drive rear wheel isn’t matched at the front with a similar, innovative wheel.

Peugeot SR1 Bike concept pedal and cranks detail

Clearly this bike isn’t going anywhere, judging by the stretch leather “tyres” and other non-working gizmos. And just what is the glass vial bubble-level right above the cranks? And what is the fake energy meter inlaid into the handlebars ? Maybe some sort of hybrid drive to match the SR1 car beside it ? None of this is explained. We can only assume electric power and regenerative braking. Certainly, the whole concept bike is just a design exercise to supplement and complement the car, and in this respect it does an excellent job. It mirrors the car’s unusual controls, techno bleached-look materials, and fancy layout. Bikes have been extracted from the same, standard mold for so long that a concept such as this is refreshing and welcome. Just enjoy the photos realising, that, like the spaceship designs of yesteryear, the reality will be somewhat more sober.

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