Continuing our quest for the truth about yellow cars, we interview BMW chief designer Adrian Von Hooydonk

Adrian Von Hooydonk

What do colours mean to car designers? We cornered BMW chief of design Adrian Von Hooydonk, to ask him this very question. As a yellow themed website, we were interested to see if the design and shape of a car influenced acceptable colours. There are very very few BMWs and Mercs in yellow, yet quite a few Minis and Lambos. So over to you Adrian !

What does yellow in car design mean?
Are there any production yellow cars in the BMW range?
Yellow is quite a flat colour, so how does that affect design and shape?
Have you ever owned a yellow car?
Do you like yellow cars?
Do you agree with Tiff Needell that yellow cars should only ever be small and that Ferraris should never be yellow !?

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In conclusion Adrian is a fan of yellow cars. It’s an emotional colour which they use on some production Minis. When it comes to shape, there’s a big difference between using metallic or straight paint, and yellow suits strong shapes.

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