K1 Attack at PistonHeads / Autosport Racing Car Show

Standing out amongst the display cars in the PistonHeads section of the Autosport Racing Car Show, K1’s Attack drew all the crowds. Here was a car no-one could identify, and countless visitors bombarded the car’s minder with pertinent questions. Firstly, is it a show car: well yes, except that there are around 50 Attacks in circulation. How come we’ve never seen any? It’s Slovakian, and they don’t make right hand drive versions for the UK. Is it a kit car? K1 started out building them as kits, but they evolved into fully fledged road ready rampagers. But this one’s RHD? It’s a total rebuild by enthusiast and owner Oliver Ashley, horizontally flipping the drivers controls.

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K1 Attack scissor doors

As we shoot photos, Ashley clicks a remote. Both doors scissor up, and with a further cockpit control click, powered bonnet and rear engine lid whir open. Squeezed amidships, a Honda Type-R engine powers this galactic starship.

K1 Attack rear lights

White heat bodywork flows arrow-like forward and downward, seared strategically to accommodate front and rear slender lights. Equal attention to cabin fit and aesthetics reinforce the starcruiser look. hang on, are those laser canons topping out the front wheelarches? No, but nice visual novelties which stop suspension rockers, dampers and springs spoiling the low bonnet line.

Prodding Ashley further for info doesn’t work. He’s holding back, not willing to spoil his chance to make it big in the monthly magazines. So in the meantime glean what you can from these photos and let’s give him a big round of applause for enriching the automotive landscape!

K1 Attack at Autosport Racing Car Show

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