xxxx with her class winning flower-power Smart

Silvia Flower with her class winning flower-power Smart

We wonder what jungle juice Silvia Flower is on ? To turn up and decorate your car with a zillion bees, cuddly cuties, and foam flowers, takes some guts! Now factor in her near 70 age and you just know there’s buckets of joie de vivre bubbling up from within this cuddly pre-septuagenarian; you can’t help wondering if her house, garage and garden are similarly adorned.

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YW: Go on then Silvia, we think we need an insight – fire away !

YW: Bonkers then, and a tiger in her tank…But maybe it’s all worth it if you come home with a first prize. What category did you win?

Reassuringly, she promises that she actually puts her bike on the bike rack, and decorates the car at the show. So maybe it takes special events such as the Smart Festival to let inhibitions dissolve and creativity rise to the surface. Bring on Smart-Fest 2010….!
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