yellowjerseyIn our quest to keep you abreast of all things yellow (that do at least have some wheels) we need to remind you that this weekend sees the start of the Tour of Britain cycle race.

Now, whilst “le maillot jaune” is undoubtedly a french affair, started in 1913 by our “frères” across “La Manche” (whip over to wikipedia for a user-gen history of the finer points), we in Britain, are amongst the few that have adopted the yellow one for our very own Tour de Grande Bretagne. So check out the dates and you may well see a flash of yellow, followed by a cavalcade of Honda ST1300 Pan European motorcycles festooned with camera crews.

Honda & Tour of Britain

British Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy will be taking part

The jousting starts in North Lincolnshire ( Scunthorpe at 10:15am to be precise ) on Saturday 12th September and finishes in the heart of London on Saturday 19th September. Click through to the official TOB site for more details, and to Honda UK for their motorised support and TOB competition.