Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

Anatomy of a press launch: designed to attract the attention of the world’s press and propagate info about the car or product that’s new, launches are a strange mixture of party, PR people, company bosses, and maybe the odd celebrity. Yellowwheels attends Tesla London press launch of it’s first european showroom BUT has some questions for it’s correspondent

Q: What’s a press launch?
A: Party, celebs, papps, champpers, glitz, glam, journos, snappers, PRs, CEOs

Q: Errrr, what ?!!!
A: You know: You have something to shout about, so you invite the press and some famous people, ply them with drink, dazzle them with lights and hope the event produces enough fizz to get reported around the world.

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Q: So what’s happening at the Tesla launch?
A: Well errr: there are about a dozen papps (photographers) waiting at the red carpeted entrance to the new showroom. Carefully placed Tesla logos are spread onto a background in front of which the celebs (Stars they hope we’ve heard of) will have their photo taken. There’s liberal champagne and canapées for the journos (journalists), a brief intro and news about the new car, which I missed, before the wraps were pulled off an updated and uprated Roadster. It looks rather tasty! Outside there are a few more cars to poke, go ooh ahh and sit in, while downstairs has been transformed from showroom to night club complete with bar, DJ, and sharp suited bouncer.

Q: So who’s there?
A: Quentin Willson, Robert Llewellyn, and err, well I don’t recognise anyone else. Wait, here comes a truly glamorous girl and the papps are going wild. We get her covered from every angle. I then whisper in a snapper’s (photographer) ear; “who’s she?” actress Talulah Riley is the answer. But wait again, the photographers (papps) are going wild again as a dashing man joins her and gets equal attention from her as well as the press. Now they are kissing! Turns out he is Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, and Talulah is his girlfriend….Oh, and there are a few customers and prospects too.

Q: Anything else to report?
A: Sorry, this champagne is rather good *&^%$£@ : watch the video, and look at the photos. Don’t they say a photo’s worth ten words ?!

Tesla : Anatomy of a press launch, including Talulah Riley from yellowwheels on Vimeo.

Here’s a photo gallery of images of the evening: click on thumbnails to view larger
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